Is there such a thing as truly "free" bill consolidation?

free bill consolidationThe answer to this question depends on what you mean by “free.” If by free, you mean that you, the consumer, do not have to pay fees on top of making your debt payments, then yes, there is free bill consolidation. However, if by free you mean that the company handling the matter for you does not get paid, then no, such a service does not exist.

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How do consolidation services get paid if they don’t charge me fees?

The key to this service is that consolidation services deal with your creditors as a group, and that they provide a third party to handle your debts. Creditors are always happy to have additional parties involved, especially if the third party has money that the creditor may be able to get.

Some companies may make the consolidation loan themselves. They negotiate lump sum payments with the creditors which are less than the full amount due. You, however, will normally still pay the full amount. The difference between what you owe and what your creditors is the payment the bill consolidator receives. Since you don’t pay any extra fees the service you receive is effectively free.

Other companies may guarantee your payments to creditors in exchange for a reduction in principal, or interest, or both. The consolidator makes the reduced payments to the creditor and collects the full payment from you (but a single payment made each month, not a whole bunch of payments at different times). The difference is the pay the consolidator receives. Again, the consolidator is paid from the savings  they generate, and you still pay only what you owe.

Can’t I do the negotiations myself and get the savings?

Theoretically you could do that, but as a practical matter you haven’t been able to do that, and the creditors have no reason to believe that you will be able to do so now. Remember, it’s the presence of a third party ready, willing and able to do what you haven’t been doing (making predictable, on time payments) that gives the creditors incentive to compromise on the amount owed.

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Are free consolidators always a better option than those who are paid a fee?

In deciding what form of consolidation, and what consolidator, to use, you need to do a cost/benefit analysis. Find out which service will cost you the least after considering all costs: debt service and/or fees to the service. Then check online and with the Better Business Bureau to make certain the service is also reputable. You have to consider that your time has value as well. If the cost of two services is about the same, you should check to see which one has higher customer satisfaction, requires the least continuing input from you, and enjoys the best reputation in the industry and among customers.

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Here are some non-profit services:

Bill Consolidation Direct - 541-420-2531
Bill Consolidation Care - 800-964-0445
Bill Consolidation - 877-994-0998
Cheap Bill Consolidation - 800-355-5486
Consumer Debt Solutions - 866-231-5668
New Life Debt Relief - 888-269-0888
First Choice Debt Relief - 877-956-1500 800-610-4560
Christian Debt Consolidators - 866-958-3328
Debt Consolidation Service - 888-252-2987
DebtShield - 866-902-5956
Aegis Debt Consolidation - 203-438-7275
DebtAmerica Relief - 800-681-7157
KeyDebt Services - 800-370-8918
Credit Solutions - 800-409-2389