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Debt Consolidation Facts

1. If you spend more than 50% of your credit limit every month, this indicates to the Credit Bureau that you do NOT have enough cash on hand to meet your monthly expenses. This will identify you as a high credit risk and will actually reduce your credit score by 60 - 70 points overnight (Fair Isaac).

2. If you miss 1 or 2 payments on your credit card debt, the issuing company will skyrocket your interest rate to a whopping 27% - 30%!

3. Out of a random sample of 3 million American consumers (included in Experian's National Score Index), 51% of them have at least 2 credit cards and 14% of them have 10 or more credit cards.

Carnival of Do It Yourself Debt Consolidation 1

Welcome to the June 16th, 2007 edition of the Carnival of Debt Consolidation. In this post, we highlight 9 superb blog posts related to Debt & Credit, Retirement, Loans & other Personal Finance issues.

Debt Consolidation Low Down

Debt Consolidation Low Down presents the 13th Edition of the Debt Management Carnival


Tushar Mathur presents Credit Score Breakup and ways to boost it posted at Life of a Resident Alien

"Pay your bill in full and mail it as soon as it arrives, or at the very least the minimum due."


Sagar Satapathy presents Protect Your Credit Card From the Latest Identity Theft Techniques posted at Credit Card Lowdown

"According to the Federal Trade Commission, nearly 10 million people were victims of identity theft in 2004."

Josh presents Bankruptcy- What You Need To Know posted at My Credit Scores, saying, "If you have been on the cusp of bankruptcy as of late, you must know this. You may be familiar with the definition of bankruptcy and may have coped with what you think may come next. However, you have not discovered all the ramifications of bankruptcy yet. Before you set out to declare any legal proceeding regarding your credit life, be sure to know fully what you're getting yourself into- Mycreditscores is here..."

"Chapter 7. This is a liquidation which permits you to eliminate all or most of the unsecured debt that is currently held."


Josh presents Home Mortgage 101 posted at My Credit Scores

"Very few people can purchase a home without use of a mortgage. When financing a new home is the only option left, there are many financing options that are available to meet your needs. Discussed below are many of these options that are popular today. Even if you already have a mortgage, you can learn options to use later in life or share with others."


Ruby presents 25 Ways to Make Money Quickly and Easily (and Legally)! posted at Advice and Rants.

"Can you drive? Can you drive well? If so, learn about your city’s roads, and put yourself through whatever course you need to pass to get a taxi-driver certificate."

Personal Finance

Josh presents Build Your Portfolio Wisely posted at The Mad Money Analyst

"When you first start building a portfolio many considerations are probably running through your mind. Even if you've had your portfolio for some time, you may be re-evaluating your past purchasing decisions. But have you covered all your bases? Your first consideration when evaluating your position is defining your objectives. Each individual has unique investment objectives based on your age, financial capacity, employment situation, etc. For example a young college student."

Ted Reimers presents 10 ways to save money in College posted at CampusGrotto.

"Don't Drive - With everything you need within walking distance, there is no need to waste gas or lose that precious parking spot."

Larry Russell presents Hear ye, Hear Ye, individual investors: Be wary of new investment asset classes ? A Tip from The Skilled Investor posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog

"Many promoters in the financial services industry have shown a strong proclivity in recent years to invent and to market supposedly “new” investment asset classes. These supposed new asset classes have included “commodity futures,” “managed futures,” “precious metals,” the 57+ varieties of “hedge funds,” and other asset class inventions. What tends to be “new” about these asset classes is the increased effort by the industry to sell them to “retail” or individual investors through the broker and advisor channels. Oddly, these newly discovered asset classes for individual investors also have been characterized by relatively high sales charges, high broker/advisor compensation incentives, and high ongoing professional management costs — all paid by guess who? … You."


Larry Russell presents Check out this automated tool for aligning your investment risk tolerance and asset allocation ? A Tip from The Skilled Investor posted at THE SKILLED INVESTOR Blog

"Your tolerance for investment risk is a relative thing. Few people like investment risk, but some can handle it better than others can. The more investment risk you are willing to tolerate, the higher your potential expected investment returns and investment growth. At the same time, the investment road you take might be rougher. Securities markets tend to pay a return on investment only for shouldering investment risks at the market level. The cash, bond, and stock financial asset classes have different expected risk and return characteristics."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of debt & finance carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


Anaicilef Comments on September 15th, 2007


I learned something from your articles. I want to share with you my personal experience on how I maximized my money in my non-bearing interest checking account and hid it from identity theft and at the same time, it is insured by FDIC. I think you will love it.