Credit Purchase Complaint Letter

Use this letter to complain against any purchases or leases of products made on your credit card for which you are not happy/satisfied. Sending a written complaint letter against faulty products/services sends a strong message to the company and will definitely get you a good response.

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Date Today (mm-dd-yyyy)

Your Name
Your Address

Vendor's Name
Vendor's Mailing Address

Re: (Your account #)

Dear (Consumer/Customer Service Department):

On (dd-mm-yyyy), I purchased (insert name of product, Serial or Product #, ISBN or service performed) at (insert location, whereabouts, city) and came across the following problem (insert problem with faulty product, specifications).

The (product or service) I received was not up to standards because (state the problem with the product or service). I am therefore dissappointed with your (product or service) because (it does not function as intended or I was billed the wrong amount or the product does not meet my specifications, etc).

To resolve this problem, I would request you to (refund my money, or replace the product, or charge back, repair or exchange). Enclosed, I have attached copies of my (original receipts, any warranties or guarantees that come with the product, serial #'s, cancelled check copies, etc).

I hope to receive a response from you immediately regarding this matter. If i do not hear from you, I will have to seek help from my local consumer protection agency or contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Please contact me at the above address or call me at my cell # (###-###-####).


(Your Signature)
(Your Printed Name)