Statute of Limitations Letter to Dispute Debt Owed to Harassing Lender

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RE: (Account # of Debt Owed, Customer Name & Type of Debt)

Dear (Mr. Debt Collector),

I am responding to your letter dated (dd-mm-yyyy) in reference to the collection of the above debt (Account # of Debt Owed). This letter is also in reference to your phone call on (dd-mm-yyyy).

The debt that you have charged against me is invalid and I am therefore disputing it. I am 100% aware of my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and have also checked with my local state department regarding the matter. I have also checked with my State Attorney General that the Statute of Limitations Period you had to enforce the collection of this debt against me in the courts is OVER. Therefore incase you take this debt collection case to the courts, I will dispute it and let the Judge know that the Statute of Limitations period is over.

Consider this letter as your formal notice that I would like this matter to be closed or actually, demand this matter to be closed. I also demand that you or any debt collection parties working with you STOP calling me regarding this debt collection.

You should know that I will be taping any more phone calls received from you and report you to the Federal Trade Commission and to my State Attorney General. If I receive a harassing debt collection phone call from you, remember you can be charged up to $1000 per every harassing phone call. You should also know that I am willing to take whatever necessary legal action to protect my rights as a consumer.

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